Exercise & Rehabilitation

Exercise and rehabilitation is the cornerstone of health and recuperation at Alta Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Before we elaborate, it’s important to discuss the difference between a healthy exercise program and the exercise that a Physical Therapist (PT), Occupational Therapist (OT), or Speech Therapist (ST) provides. In all SNFs, PT, OT, and ST will be provided as these 3 disciplines are a mainstay in all facilities, as they are necessary to address post-acute and post-hospitalization issues, but these Therapists are grossly underutilized in most SNF and Rehabilitation Centers. The average length of stay in a SNF is 21 days, across the United States (this is for all diagnoses). How is this possible? The answer is simple and frightening. Insurance only covers the recuperation/rehab on an inpatient setting until they are able to function independently on their own, not until they are 100% healed. In reality, it can take the average 70 year old up to 6 months just for his/her bones to be fully recovered. The problem, in our opinion, with the current post-acute care model is that it doesn’t address the long-term issue of lack of appropriate exercise. As individuals age, they lose bone density and muscle mass. There is no permanent fix to the issue, but there are universally proven approaches to improve the quality of life, reduce occurrence of injury, and prevent future injuries with an exercise plan. Our goal at Alta is to provide a personalized exercise program for each resident so they can achieve the highest level of independence and autonomy.