Resident Frequently Asked Questions

How many changes of clothing should I have?

Please have between 5 and 7 changes of clothing.

Will I have to pay for toiletry items?

Toiletry items are provided at no charge, however, if you desire certain lotions or powders, it is best to bring your own.

Should I label all my belongings?

Yes, we ask that you label all items with a permanent marker, label or stitching. This will allow services, such as Laundry Service, to better keep track of your belongings.

All articles brought to the facility must be listed on the inventory sheet and properly labeled with resident’s name.

What items will be allowed at bedside?

The following items are allowed at your bedside:

    1. Hairbrush/comb

    2. Roll-on deodorant only

    3. Hair adornment items that cannot be swallowed or cause injury

    4. Toothpaste and toothbrush*

    5. Alcohol-free mouthwash

    6. Shaving cream (pump-style) in non-aerosol dispensers*

    7. Electric razors

    8. Lotions or creams in plastic bottles (pump-style)*

    9. Emery boards for nail care

    10. Makeup products*

    11. Cleansing soap (pump-style)

    12. Round tip scissors for crafts

*These items must be put into a zip lock bag and labeled with name and room number.

What items should I not bring?

The below items should not be brought into Alta Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center:

    1. Over-the-counter medications

    2. Non-electric razors

    3. Hampers or laundry baskets

    4. Extension cords

    5. Safety razors

    6. Denture cream or denture tablets

    7. Any glass containers

    8. Any aerosol spray cans

    9. Potpourri, other than sachet

    10. Ointment/medications (unless there is a physician’s order)

    11. Shampoo and/or hair conditioners

    12. Hair dryers, curling irons, or other heat producing items

    13. Any container labeled with a “Hazardous Warning”

    14. Anything that has alcohol content

    15. Normal Saline, Hydrogen Peroxide, cough drops

    16. Wax candles with wicks

    17. Cooking equipment

    18. Electric fans (unless there is a physician’s order)

    19. Cleaning supplies

    20. Dirty clothes hamper

    21. Microwaves

Can I decorate my room?

Yes, you may decorate your room, so long as the decorations do not interfere with you upholding the requirements in the Resident’s Responsibilities Policy. Please do not place large nail holes in the walls. If your stay is anticipated to be long-term, please allow our Maintenance Staff to assist with the hanging of large items.

Do not bring in large personal furniture items without approval from our staff.

Should I leave my belongings in my room?

Due to the huge volume of visitors in and out of the facility, we urge visitors to keep valuables in their possession at all times. We are not responsible for the valuables of residents or visitors and strongly encourage residents to send money, credit cards, checkbooks and valuable jewelry home for safekeeping.

Alta is not responsible for the safekeeping, or liable for the loss of personal effects, including hearing aids, dentures, money and valuables, unless delivered to the custody of the Administrator, or designated person, for safekeeping.